Courses and Workshops for Adults

Themes we cover in our courses: plants and how they can be used to improve our well-being; sustainable gardens and landscapes; eco-friendly agriculture; permaculture; the vegetable garden; cooking with organic ingredients. Every year we organize courses on these subjects and participants can work with – and among – the plants.

The Valverde orchard has a variety of unusual species such as giuggiole (Chinese dates), amarene (sour cherries), mele cotogne (quince) and pomi lazzarini (a small fruit of the Rosaceae family). These fruits evoke forgotten flavours that we would like our visitors to rediscover.

The garden, which occupies the space that was once the farm courtyard with the threshing area in brick in the centre, offers the chance to observe numerous species of ornamental plants, in particular ancient varieties of rose. The wood is a magical kingdom for children.

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