Maria Giulia da Sacco is a landscape architect who lives and works at Valverde and organises the gardening courses and workshops.

Marco Grimani is the events manager who also takes care of the production of fruit, vegetables and honey.

Enrico Grimani is an architect.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy follows natural rules that are applied to all the activities carried out at Valverde.

Respect for the environment

  • We follow the rhythm of the seasons, so fruit and vegetables are harvested when they are ripe. Vegetable waste is chopped and used to create compost used in the vegetable garden.
  • We do not use herbicides and pesticides, so we have magnificent flowering meadows in spring and plenty of weeds in the garden that we try to control with a good mulch.
  • Following the seasons also applies to flowers and decorations for the holidays. Using what nature offers us in different periods of the year reduces the impact on the environment, avoiding the conservation and transport of products.



  • At Valverde, recycling and the careful use of sustainable and biodegradable products are things we do every day. We ask our guests to use as little plastic as possible: it can turn into microplastics that are dangerous for fauna.
  • Please arrive at Valverde by bike or bus whenever possible!

Safeguarding the landscape

The landscape must be considered as a combination of natural and manmade elements. Because it constitutes the beauty and uniqueness of our country, it is vital to protect it for ourselves and for future generations.