Our Products

Aromatic herbs

We cultivate several varieties of aromatic herbs: peppermint and spearmint, rue, absinthe, sage, parsley, chive, fennel, lemon balm, thyme, oregano, lovage and especially lavender.

Edible flowers

Used for decorating dishes in spring, edible flowers include: rose petals, violets, mallow, primroses, borage, flowers and leaves of nasturtium, calendula and chamomile, ischia, rosemary flowers and sage.


A variety of produce is grown in our vegetable garden that can be bought directly from Valverde.


In spring 2019, we will begin production of Bosco della Valverde honey, made from the nectar of flowers growing in our wood.

Branches from the wood for decorations

Colourful and stylish compositions can be made using the branches from the wood and the flowers and leaves from the garden. In every season of the year, plants offer something special that we can used for decoration without the need for cultivated flowers imported from distant countries.

Please ask us if you require special decorations for your event, or if you’d like to purchase material to decorate your home.

If you’d like to buy any of our products, you can check our facebook page for opening times, or simply contact us.



Our products are now available on the Alveare network.